''If a child is to become the kind of man that he should, his
development must be intimately united in his own guiding instinct''

Maria Montessori : The secret of Childhood - The instinct to work - 1966

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This Term's Program
This Term's Programme

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All About Me and Looking After Ourselves


Welcome back to Hollybush after the Summer holidays.  We hope you had a wonderful break and that the children are excited to be returning to Hollybush – we are very much looking forward to hearing their news. Welcome to our new parents and children joining us this term, we are looking forward to meeting you and getting to know you.

All of our Montessori, classroom and project-related activities are designed to embrace the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum:

the 3 Prime areas:
- Personal, Social and Emotional development
- Physical development and
- Communication and Language development

and the 4 Specific areas:
- Literacy
- Mathematics
- Understanding the World and
- Expressive Arts and Design.

If you have any questions relating to the EYFS curriculum, the Montessori activities or this term’s project theme please do not hesitate to ask your Keyworker or any member of the teaching team.

Our project weeks are as follows:

Week 1:          Welcome back and classroom routines

Week 2:          Our families 

Week 3:          Where  do we live?

Week 4:          Our bodies –what’s outside? 

Week 5           Our bodies – what’s inside?

Week 6           Looking after ourselves

Week 7           Our Senses

Week 8           Our Feelings

The children will also be introduced French vocabulary relating to the project as well as colours, counting, snacks and greetings etc; and the term will, of course, be packed with stories, cooking, counting, art, songs, music, movement and fun!

If you have something at home that is project-related and you are happy to bring it into the classroom, please do so as this always helps to enrich the children’s learning experience.


Welcome back and introducing new children starting at Hollybush this term.

Learning new names and considering  how we can help new children to settle in.

Familiarising new children with the classroom layout, facilities and routine.
Remembering classroom routines and principles and why they are so important.
Practicing hanging up coats, bags, hats etc and finding snack pockets, washing hands, carrying trays with confidence, rolling and unrolling floor mats. Walking in the classroom and around floor mats, caring for books, returning activities to the shelf, parking vehicles in the playground, pouring drinks at snack time, asking for help.

News: What did we do in the holidays?  Where did we go?  Who did we see? Encouraging the children to remember and talk about holiday activities and experiences in a group environment and/or on an individual basis.

Letter of the week:            a as in apple                                                                         

Number of the week:         1/un                            
Colour of the week:            red/rouge                              
Shape of the week:            circle/cercle              sphere


 WEEK 2:       OUR FAMILIES                                                                    

What is a family?
Who lives in our home?
Do we have family living elsewhere?
Growing up/timelines
What are the names of family members – brothers, sisters, grandparents etc.
How many people are there in our family.

Letter of the week:             b as in bus                                                                            

Number of the week:         2/deux          

Colour of the week:           yellow/jaune                          
Shape of the week:            square/carre              cube


WEEK 3:       WHERE WE LIVE DO WE LIVE?                                    

Where do we live- do we know our address?
How many rooms in our house and can we name them.
Similarities and differences of homes.
Looking at different types of homes around the world.
Talking about directions – how to get to your house.

Letter of the week:             c as in cat                                                                 

Number of the week:         3/trois                        
Colour of the week:           blue/bleu                    
Shape of the week:            triangle           pyramid/triangular prism


WEEK 4:       OUR BODIES – WHAT’S OUTSIDE?                             

Looking at similarities and differences.

Learning the names of parts of the body.
What can our bodies do - actions and exercises.
Compare height of each other using vocabulary tall taller tallest etc.
Finding out about the clothes we wear.

Letter of the week:             d as in dog                                                     

Number of the week:         4/quatre                     
Colour of the week:           green/vert                  
Shape of the week:            rectangle                    cuboid/prism


WEEK 5:       OUR BODIES – WHAT’S INSIDE?                                 

How do our bodies work and what’s inside?
How do we move?
How and why do we breathe.
Looking at x rays.
Finding out about our skin, internal organs and blood – how many lungs, heart, kidneys etc.
What happens to our food when we eat?

Letter of the week:            e as in egg                                                                

Number of the week:         5/cinq              

Colour of the week:           orange/orange                      
Shape of the week:            oval/ovale                   ellipsoid/ovoid


 WEEK 6:       LOOKING AFTER OURSELVES                                    

Importance of healthy eating and exercise.
Importance of hygiene – when should we wash our hands.
Importance of rest – what happens when we are asleep?
What do we like to eat.
Naming food and food groups.

Letter of the week:            f as in fish                                                                  

Number of the week:         6/six               
Colour of the week:           pink/rose       
Shape of the week:            pentagon/pentagone


WEEK 7:       OUR SENSES                                                                               

What are our senses and what do we use them for?
Exploring our senses using different smells, tastes, textures and sounds.
Exploring sight by using a blindfold.

Letter of the week:             g as in goat                                                    

Number of the week:         7/sept            
Colour of the week:           purple/violet              
Shape of the week:            hexagon/hexagone  


WEEK 8:       OUR FEELINGS                                                                        

Exploring our feelings – what makes us happy, sad excited etc.
Use a mirror to observe the changes in facial expression.
How can we help others to feel happy?
Helping each other - taking turns and sharing.

Letter of the week:             h as in hat                                                     
Number of the week:         8/huit              
Colour of the week:           white              
Shape of the week:            heart/coeur



Enjoy the half term break