''His (the child's) mind can propose and direct his development.
Nothing is preordained but everything is possible''

Maria Montessori : The Absorbent mind - The importance of movement - 1949

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is Hollybush Montessori offering ?


A. We will be offering a safe and friendly environment for the children where they can fulfil their full potential. They will be able to enjoy the use of our beautifully crafted Montessori materials which cover all fields of learning. Their social skills will greatly benefit from being taught in this small, calm setting, where they will receive a wonderful first education from fully qualified teachers. They will also have use of the dedicated playground to which they will have 'freeflow' access and therefore equal opportunity to learn both inside and out. 

We are offering three-hour sessions on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 0930 to 1230.  And an extended day on Tuesdays from 0930 to 1500 hours. 

Education Nursery Grant available, voucher scheme accepted.

Q. How do I arrange to visit Hollybush Montessori School?

A. We are always happy to give you a tour of the classroom so you can visit at any time.  However, it it preferable to organise an appointment so that additional staff are available and we can give you and your child our full attention, explain how our classroom works and answer any questions you may have.

Q. From what age can my child start at Hollybush?

A. Your child can start as soon as he/she has turned two. However, we can arrange an earlier settling-in visit to gauge together whether your child is ready to start at nursery. Every child is unique and we are, of course, flexible and will work with you and your child to meet his or her individual needs.

Q. How many sessions will my child attend?

A. There are absolutely no rules to how many sessions a child should attend. Every child will have different needs to another child. We normally recommend 2 sessions to start with for the simple reason of continuity.  It's totally up to you to how many sessions you would like your child to attend, and we try to accommodate your needs as much as we possibly can.

Q. When is my child entitled to the education nursery grant ?

A. You can claim for your child's grant from the age of three and unfortunately not before. We will be taking care of the paperwork automatically, all you need to provide is a copy of your child's birth certificate and we will provide you with forms to complete and return in due time.  Childcare vouchers are also accepted

Q. How often do I get feedback on my child's progress ?

A. We have an Open-Door Policy and parents bring their child into the classroom each morning and can pass on information then to their child's Keyworker or to another member of the team.  You will also receive one-to-one feedback as you pick your child up at the end of every session. In addition, we hold regular parent's evenings when you will have the opportunity to look at your child's Learning Journey and to talk to his/her Keyworker about progress, current interests and how you can help at home.  We also hold Montessori equipment demonstration evenings, when we show you what your child has been working with in the classroom and how the Montessori equipment works. Furthermore, we can always arrange to meet your child's Keyworker to discuss any queries you may have or if you have any concerns about your child.


Q. How much of the french language will my child be exposed to?

A. Your child will be exposed to the French language on a regular basis: counting, colours, shapes, greetings, animal names, the weather etc through everyday activities in the classroom also singing and action songs.  They will gain a knowledge of basic vocabulary but, most important, a real interest in and a relaxed attitude to foreign languages which is an invaluable asset in life and as they then move on into their Primary education.  We are also able to teach in German and will work closely with you to support any other additional languages your child may have. 

Q. How and when do I pay for fees?

A. An invoice for each half term will be sent to you before sessions begin. You can either hand in a cheque to any member of staff or simply do a direct debit to Hollybush Montessori school, account details will be given on request.  School vouchers are accepted.


Q. How qualified are your staff at Hollybush ?

A. We have a dedicated, professional team who have been working together for many years.   We have a very low staff turnover which enables your child to be and stay settled, 

 The image “http://www.rock-unique.com/templates/mitra/images/arrow.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Myself, Mrs Delphine Bruch, Directress with 15 years of experience in childcare, qualified as a Montessori                teacher in 1998 (St Nicholas Montessori Centre, London.  I am a qualified Paediatric First Aider

 The image “http://www.rock-unique.com/templates/mitra/images/arrow.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Mrs Cate Pruce also has 15 years experience working as a Montessori teacher (Kent and Sussex Montessori           Centre & St Nicholas Montessori, London) and is a qualified Paediatric First Aider

 The image “http://www.rock-unique.com/templates/mitra/images/arrow.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Mrs Cat Payne (our bilingual teacher who speaks and teaches in English and French) and is a qualified                   Paediatric First Aider.

 The image “http://www.rock-unique.com/templates/mitra/images/arrow.png” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors. Mrs Jeannette Grevers (our trilingual speaks and teaches in English, French and German) and is a qualified             Paediatric First Aider.


Q. What kind of events do you normally host throughout the academic year?

Parents are invited to join us as least twice a year for Parents' Evening to meet their child's Keyworker, talk about their child's progress and to explore the classroom.  We also have a Christmas celebration for the children and parents including an early-years Nativity, singing in both English and French and a visit from Father Christmas.  We also celebrate many and varied multi-cultural events including Diwali, Thanksgiving, Chinese New Year etc.   There are also many visits throughout the year to support our termly projects including the Police, Fire Brigade, Paramedics and other Health Care professionals in relation to our People Who Help Us project; a Vet, family dogs, cats, guinea pigs, stick insects etc in relation to our Pets project etc.  Parents are kept informed about these events through regular newsletters.