''If a child is to become the kind of man that he should, his
development must be intimately united in his own guiding instinct''

Maria Montessori : The secret of Childhood - The instinct to work - 1966

Welcome to Hollybush Montessori School

What is Montessori ?

Doctor Maria Montessori (1870 - 1952) developed a revolutionary method of teaching over years of experimentation and observation of children. She created a specialised form of apparatus based on practical life skills, cultural, sensorial and creative activities, mathematics and language, all designed to stimulate the child's natural desire to learn.

The Montessori Method is based on the child's independence, free choice, self expression, creativity and discovery, all to provide an "education for life". The Montessori teacher acts as a guide, she monitors the child's progress closely and encourages them to move on the next stage when ready, but there is no competition between the children, all abilities are respected to preserve their learning drive.


Why Bilingual?

In our classroom, every child is greatly encouraged to look at not only their own environment but also at the world around them, therefore discovering new cultures. We are offering them the opportunity to be familiar with an other language than their mother tongue and to be part of a multilingual setting which is reflecting our changing world. We are providing lessons in both English and French and are corresponding with a French Montessori school, exchanging photographs, experiences and ideas, therefore creating a strong link between the two cultures.

"Our methods have demonstrated still another fact and have shown again that they can furnish us with psychological insights. They have revealed the fact that children are even interested in foreign words and that they remember them with a movable alphabet. This indicates that children tend to accumulate words during the sensitive period (between three or five) even when they do not understand them."  Maria Montessori (The discovery of the child - Speech - 1988)

Location of Hollybush Montessori School

The Hollybush Montessori School is located at Sevenoaks Community Centre - Cramptons Road, Sevenoaks, TN14 5DN. For directions and a map overview, please click here